Guest Speakers

about the series

Perspectives on conservation, transition and regeneration in an Australian context

Stewardship of Country presented by the Royal Societies of Australia and Inspiring Victoria, is a series of three virtual events representing a collaboration between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experts, industry practitioners, thinkers and the Royal Societies of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales with support from the CSIRO.

Country is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander term used widely with strong connections to community, culture, identity, and language. Stewardship describes a deep relationship between people and place. In practice, Stewardship may require we reorganise around the unique characteristics of the Australian landscape. This can be achieved by significantly regenerating damaged ecosystems, and deprioritising constant economic growth in favour of an enduring sufficiency gathered from an abundant and biologically diverse environment.

Stewardship of Country aims to elevate a broad range of perspectives and generate a discussion on landscape and environmental management that bridges Indigenous, agricultural, scientific, economic and social perspectives with support for practical action and public good.

Our summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted a need for a new way forward. This series poses the question – who are we as Australians becoming when faced with an increasingly unpredictable and challenging future?

Stewardship of Country  will be conducted online as a Zoom webinar and will be livestreamed on the Facebook pages of the Royal Societies of Australia and Royal Society of Victoria free of charge; registration is open to those who would like to submit questions and engage in the session as audience members.