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Royal Society of NSW turns 200

In Winter 1821, the Philosophical Society of Australasia was established in New South Wales. Renamed the Royal Society of New South Wales in 1866, the organisation celebrates 200 years of engagement with science, art, literature and philosophy! Nexus an exhibition celebrating the Societies intellectual life over the past two centuries will open at the State Library of New South Wales later this year…[…]

July 19th, 2021|RSA News|

Heal Country!

What better way to mark this year’s NAIDOC theme – Heal Country! –than to reflect on the incredible depth of knowledge present in the world’s oldest continuous culture.

Stewardship of Country, presented by the Royal Societies of Australia and Inspiring Victoria, aims to elevate a broad range of perspectives and generate a discussion on landscape and environmental management that bridges Indigenous, agricultural, scientific, economic and social perspectives with support […]

July 12th, 2021|RSA News|

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