2020 Royal Society of New South Wales Events

290th OGM and Open Lecture

February 3 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The Royal Society of New South Wales latest news:

YouTube and The Royal Society of New South Wales

At the tender age of 199, the Royal Society of New South Wales has launched their own YouTube Channel to make virtual events, lectures and performances freely available to the public. Take a look!

Announcing the Society’s 2021 Events Program

The Royal Society of NSW wishes all Members, Fellows and friends a most happy, healthy and successful New Year ahead and trusts that its Events Program for 2021 will be well received and widely enjoyed. The initial draft of the program has now been published on the website, and will be progressively developed in coming weeks and months. Please check back regularly to keep apprised of any developments, as they occur.   

While the Society looks forward to resuming face-to-face events at some stage during 2021, the ongoing uncertainty caused the the current COVID-19 outbreaks in Sydney and elsewhere in NSW makes it difficult to predict when this will be. Until that time, the Society will continue with its virtual events program, the first of which will be held on 3 February at 6.30pm.  

Royal Society of NSW Awards for 2020

The Royal Society of NSW announced its Awards for 2020 at the 1289th Ordinary General Meeting on Wednesday, 9 December 2020. These prestigious awards, awarded by Australia’s oldest learned society, recognise outstanding achievements and excellence in science, engineering, philosophy and the arts…read more. 

Congratulations to all the awardees! 

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The Royal Society of Victoria latest news:

Soil Carbon 

What if we could reverse climate change, increase biodiversity and feed everyone with a single solution?

Dr Samantha Grover, in her presentation Soil Carbon: Climate Solutions Right Under Our Feet explores the connection between soils, climate change and people. It all comes down to carbon.

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State of the Climate 2020 

What does the future hold for out climate?

In her review of the 2020 State of the Climate Report Dr Lynette Bettio unpacked the important role The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and CSIRO play in monitoring and analysing the observed and predicted changes in Australia’s climate. The biennial State of the Climate Report highlights long-term changes in our climate and their impacts – how they will impact the Australian community and our everyday lives. In its sixth iteration, there are few surprises in the Report: the alarming warming trends continue and the scientific evidence of the influence of human activity on the climate is only becoming stronger…read more.

The Future is Structural Energy Storage – The 2020 Phillip Law Postdoctoral Award

The Royal Society of Victoria is delighted to congratulated Dr Nisa Salim, the 2020 recipient of the Phillip Law Postdoctoral Award for the Physical Sciences.
Dr Salim develops multifunctional materials with nature-inspired designs to solve challenging problems. Her work is concerned with the production of porous carbon materials, enabling the remarkable invention of “structural batteries and supercapacitors” – lightweight, high-tensile components of vehicles and devices that also serve to store energy for use by these devices…read more. 

Every year, final year PhD candidates present their doctoral studies to the Royal Society of Victoria, competing for four Prizes that recognise excellence in Victoria’s early career scientists. Eight finalists present under the four categories: Biological Sciences, Biomedical & Health Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Physical Sciences. While the format of delivery was different this year, participants rose to the challenge to deliver engaging and informative videos for National Science Week. A particular congratulations to Charlene Trestrail, Lakshanie Wickramasinghe, Megan Withers, Hayden Dalton, and Adelle Goodwin, the winners of their respective categories.

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The Royal Society of Queensland latest news:

Annual edition of Proceedings now published

All articles in the second edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland for 2020, Volume 128, have now been published online. These are available on an open-access basis free of charge, under Creative Commons conditions.

All articles destined for this issue have been typeset and are en route to printing. Printed copies will be available for a cost of $35 plus $10 postage.

“Springs of the Great Artesian Basin” published

A Special Issue of the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland has been published. All articles are available free of charge online at www.royalsocietyqld.org/2020-springs-special-issue-vol-126/.

This is an outstanding work of scholarship and policy that includes scientific papers and opinion pieces, from a range of historical and contemporary perspectives.  A limited number of printed copies is available for purchase: see www.royalsocietyqld.org/purchases/.

The Society anticipates that the volume will be an important work of reference to all those with an interest in the Great Artesian Basin as they grapple with the best methods of managing and conserving it.

Publications available

Orders are being taken for several issues of the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland:

Volume 125 –The Land of Clouds Revisited: The Biodiversity and Ecology of the Eungella Rainforests – $35 plus $10 postage.

Volume 126 – Springs of the Great Artesian Basin – $50 plus $15 postage.

Volume 127 – A Rangelands Dialogue: Towards a Sustainable Future – $35 plus $10 postage.

Volume 128 – Regular annual issue 2020 – $35 plus $10 postage.

The table of contents of each of these printed works is or will soon be available on the Proceedings page.

Please proceed to the Purchases page to make payments.

History on display – National Science Week

Some of the early history of the Society has been placed on display in a blog post by the State Library of Queensland as part of its National Science Week program in August 2020.

Silvester Diggles, one of the founders of the Queensland Philosophical Society (member number 3), is featured in the blog post. One of Silvester’s descendants, marine scientist Dr Ben Diggles, is an active and prominent current member of the Society.

A Rangelands Dialogue: Towards a Sustainable Future – now published

Look ahead of the whimsy in this new Special Issue of the Proceedings of The Royal Society of Queensland. There are 26 serious papers – from pastoralists, scientists and policy specialists knowledgeable about the native pastures of Queensland’s inland. These are Short Communications and Opinion Pieces, capturing insights on a wide range of issues at a time when financial and environmental distress suggest that ‘business as usual’ is not an adequate strategy for this proportion – some three-quarters – of the State’s land area.

The Special Issue, known as Volume 127, is now published and available online free of charge under Creative Commons conditions.
The papers derive from the July 2019 Rangelands Policy Dialogue – see our Rural Policy Initiative web pages for more information.

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