Webinar One: The Common Ground – A Convergence of Traditions

Dr Mary Graham describes an Indigenous conception of stewardship, care for Country and the Law of Obligation in an insightful keynote presentation that forms the cornerstone of the series, Stewardship of Country.
Representatives of the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, managing the interests of the Mirarr traditional owners, discuss plans to weave Indigenous knowledge into the creation of something new on land disrupted by Ranger uranium mine and the Jabiluka mineral lease.
Author and pastoralist David Pollock makes a courageous case for restoring ecological balance in the Western Australian rangelands farming community through the reintroduction of a familiar and controversial apex predator.
Environmental scientist Adjunct Professor Peter Bridgewater takes us on a journey from the Eocene to the Anthropocene covering the 55 million years of climatic and geological history that has shaped our continent in the present day.

Webinar Two: Resilience, regeneration and escaping the iron law of business-as-usual

Nicholas Gruen of Lateral Economics discusses the barriers to change – defining thin policy problems as those that can be solved through a straightforward reform process and thick problems as those that require complex engagement with people at a local and regional level. 
The Mulloon Institute has made remarkable progress with catchment-scale rehydration and restoration research. CEO Carolyn Hall explains how farmers across Australia can use this research to create resilient, productive and profitable farms where agriculture and environment work in unison.
Nigel Sharp, founder of Odonata, a not-for-profit supporting biodiversity impact solutions, discusses his vision for successful biodiversity impact investment – resourcing ecosystem restoration through entrepreneurship.
Jody Brown, a fourth-generation grazier from Longreach Station in Central West Queensland, makes a case for instituting ongoing manageable change when implementing regenerative agricultural practices in remote farming communities.

Webinar Three: From Past to Future

Biophysical scientist Barney Foran discusses a future for Australia’s rangelands – a diverse and often at-risk biosphere which comprise four-fifths of the entire continent.

Botanist and Foundation Director of Science at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Professor Kingsley Dixon, reveals the rate of degradation from human activities impacting the unique and globally significant biodiversity found in the southwest of the Australian continent.

Dr Michelle Maloney is Co-Founder & National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), an organisation that works across disciplines to promote the understanding and practical implementation of Earth-centred governance. Here she advocates for a strengthened relationship with the living world and regenerative, ecologically focused systems change.