Stewardship of Country

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Join us for a series of three webinars that aims to generate a discussion of landscape and environmental stewardship that bridges Indigenous, agricultural, scientific, economic and social perspectives with supporting ideas for practical action and public good.
We seek to contribute to a new model for the management of the Australian landscape so that are natural systems are preserved and regenerated for the benefits of future generations.

Stewardship describes a deep relationship between people and place. In modern Australia, it is often proposed as the next step of transition for a culture that is emerging from a colonial, extractive relationship to the landscape. The transition to stewardship may require we reorganise around the unique characteristics of the country, undertake significant regeneration of damaged ecosystems and deprioritise constant economic growth in favour of an enduring sufficiency gathered from an abundant and biologically diverse environment.

Our summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted a need for a new way forward. This series poses the question – who are we as Australians becoming when faced with an increasingly unpredictable and challenging future?

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